About Us

The team behind Game Class is dedicated to offering and maintaining great service. We want to make each of our users satisfied with the end result of their creative work, so we are doing everything in our power to make our platform convenient and accessible for all subscribers. One of the elements of which we are truly proud is the multitude of customisation options.

When it comes to our users, we believe they will be primarily grateful for the smooth navigation and the clear interface. These features, we are sure, will be greatly appreciated by both the experienced developers, and the young computer science students.

  •     -  Professional developers who can find it useful for quick game prototyping.
  •     -  Game building novices and casual game creators who can adopt it as a starting point in learning.
  •     -  Parents of primary or secondary school pupils who can find it to be an interesting way of introducing certain aspects of science, technology, engineering, and math.
  •     -  Teachers who can see it as an interesting method of improving interaction and engagement in their classes.

Our Platform Gives You Many Handy Tools

Firstly, you will have a choice between several ready-made templates. These make it easier for you to build a game of a certain type. Still, it's easy to make it personalised using different customisation options. You can add objects, design scenes, create levels, add external events, and many other external elements. Alternatively, there is a blank start which enables you to build your game from square one, bit by bit. Once completed, your game will be compatible with any modern game publishing platform.